Top 10 Benefits of Using JavaScript in Development

In this fast-moving and continuously changing world, we can notice some changes every single second. No matter that’s a change in your smartphones, Personal Computer, Laptops, their applications or programming languages. Till now, we have seen several programming languages being introduced daily. But in a survey, it was found that JavaScript is the programming language that everyone loves working with plus those who are not knowing about it, they want to learn it.

Although you must be thinking that what is so unique in JavaScript programming language because of which people love it so much. If you had this question in your mind, then do follow this article till the end, as in this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of JavaScript for your projects. Moreover, we will have an in-depth look at the working of JavaScript too.

So those who want to learn new things about this programming language or want to get started with JavaScript, then this article is a must-read for you.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an open-source programming language, which was created for the primary purpose of building web pages and put some life in them. JavaScript was able to do very efficiently. The most significant advantage of this programming language is that we would be able to run it on any web browser; there are no limitations at all.

The biggest reason because of which JavaScript is so popular is that with the help of this language, we would be able to do client-side programming easily. As mentioned above the main reason for creating this programming language was to put some life in web pages with the help of which web pages were able to interact appropriately with the users.

Let us have a look at how JavaScript’s engine work-

A lot of people thinks that there are several complications in JavaScript’s engine, but there are simple steps with the help of which this engine works and those steps are as follows

  • In the initial step whatsoever script, you may have written; the engine will read that script.
  • Then the engine will automatically convert that script into machine language. This would be the language of the machine with the help of which your system would be able to read your script.
  • Hence at the last step machine makes the code run.

In all of these three steps, you would be able to notice that the JavaScript engine is doing its work for better optimization of the above-listed steps.

Who created JavaScript?

Brendan Eich created JavaScript in 1995, and you would be shocked to know that there is a fascinating story behind the birth of JavaScript. Let us have a look at the history of JavaScript.

Brendan Eich, who is the creator of JavaScript, was working for Netscape Communication Corporation and it was the time of the 1990s, at that time their web browser was taking over the best browser of that time.

Then the team of Netscape Communication Corporation with Brendan Eich thought about enhancing and expanding the web and the result of which JavaScript took birth.

Why is JavaScript so important?

There are numerous reasons because of which we should learn and work with JavaScript. Let us have a look at those reasons-

  • Known as the most popular language– The first reason because of which we should learn and work with JavaScript is that it is known as the most popular programming language. Moreover, it is being used by several programming related applications and companies. Furthermore, this programming language has a massive scope in the future, because of which people are still learning and working with it.
  • Easy to get started– No matter you are just a beginner to this language, you would be able to get started with JavaScript easily. Although the most crucial point about this programming language is that while in other cases, you need to install several system software. But in the case of JavaScript, you would not need to install any program or number of programs at all. You would be able to get started with JavaScript right away.
  • Fun working with– I have met several programmers who say that while working on a programming language they feel a lot of stress because sometimes several programs arise and many such things happen during development. In the case of JavaScript, you would be able to face the same problems, but the most significant benefit is that JavaScript is a type of language that is fun working with and with the help of graphical UI this language becomes even more easy fun worthy. Moreover, it is such a fun learning language that you would be able to create several high-end projects while the learning period only.
  • Highly supportive– As we have mentioned above that JavaScript is an open-source programming language, because of which it has a huge support team. With the help of which you would be able to get rid of any problem that you face with this programming language. Moreover, there are several places where Meetups regarding JavaScript takes place, and you would be able to learn several things from it.
  • Debugging with JavaScript– No matter the programming process is very fun worthy with JavaScript, but you will fall in love with this programming language when you hear that the debugging part is also enjoyable. As we know that the testing process directly takes place on our browser, with the help of which we would be able to experiment and make changes on our project easily.
  • Powerful style– There are several programming languages that are being introduced nowadays, but JavaScript is the one with the help of which the programmer can work out of the box and think of new outcomes. As this language is spread up to a wide range, so there are no limitations regarding creativity, addition in projects and many more things.
  • Programming style and freedom-When you work with any other programming language and then move to JavaScript, you would be able to feel that change in programming style and that freedom. This is also one of those things that makes JavaScript really popular.

Top 10 benefits of JavaScript

There are numerous advantages of using JavaScript for your projects, but the below-listed are the top 10 benefits from them.

1. Trust is everything

No matter how many useful features a programming language can provide you. But if that language is not trusted, then we will always have a point in our mind that anything can happen. Although this case will take place with other languages only, but not with JavaScript. This is because JavaScript is one of the most trusted programming languages, and it is being used for several years, within which several improvements took place in this programming language.

Another benefit of this trust is that you would be able to work in any condition, as you will know how far you can go with this language and in what conditions.

2. Client-Side worker

We already have mentioned this fact above that JavaScript is a client-side worker, and you can make changes from the client-side with the help of this programming language.

The most significant benefit of using this language on the client-side is that you would be able to add up a good interaction between the users and web pages. You must have noticed that on some websites when you click on a button, nothing takes place, but work gets done. This thing happens in those cases where JavaScript is not used, but in the case of those web pages which use JavaScript, you would be able to notice better loading, clickable items, and many more such things. In short, you would be able to notice better interaction in web pages made by JavaScript.

3. Completely Independent

You may have noticed that for working with other programming languages, you need to install several programs, but in the case of JavaScript, you would never need any program before working with it. Moreover, JavaScript is a programming language, which is supported by almost every web browser. So you would be able to check your code and projects directly through your web browser.

Although there are many more reasons, which will state that JavaScript is entirely independent, the above-listed are some of the most important ones.

4. Easy to learn

Getting started with JavaScript is one of the most straightforward tasks, firstly you don’t need anything extra, such as a program or anything else. The second thing is that it is an open-source program, so you would be able to get free content regarding JavaScript learning from various places online.

Another advantage of JavaScript is that you would be able to create high-end projects even during the learning period of JavaScript.

5. Powerful as nothing else

Till now we have discussed some features of JavaScript. But now we have come to the main point, which is the power of JavaScript. In the case of power, we can say that JavaScript has a massive support of powerful frameworks. With the help of which you would be able to get several features to use in your projects with JavaScript.

6. Targeted

When you work with JavaScript, you would be able to notice that this programming language and its code works in different segments and a particular segment will only work on that time when that code or it’s feature is recalled.

This makes JavaScript ultimately targeted. Hence, because of this feature, this programming language does not exert more pressure on your system.

7. Unique features

People think that the language is easy to learn because of which you would not be able to get some great features. But that’s not true, as this programming language offers several high-end features with the help of which you can create some outstanding projects.

8. Support for multiple tasks running

JavaScript offers you an event loop module feature with the help of which you would be able to take advantage of multiple tasks running at the same time. A lot of people think that it will make their system works slower, but it’s not the case, as when a single code would be working full effort would be put on that code only.

Although the loop is responsible for better and easy management of these multiple tasks.

9. Extended functionalities

With extended functionalities means that you would be offered third-party integration with JavaScript. This means if you think that you lack any particular feature, then you can add that to your project with the help of this 3rd party integration.

10. Multi-functional website development

One of the essential features of JavaScript is that you would be able to create highly-efficient multi-functional websites with it. While there are several competitors, who state that you would be able to create multi-functional websites with them. You would be able to do so, but the convenience level that JavaScript offers you. That you would not be able to get anywhere else.

Some unknown facts about JavaScript

There are several facts about JavaScript that even professional programmers do not know about. Let us have a look at those facts-

  • Not everyone knows that when JavaScript was created in 1995 at that time, it’s original name was LiveScript. Which means that it adds up live to websites.
  • JavaScript is in the list of three main things of WWW with HTML and CSS.
  • JavaScript is single-threaded.
  • You can create arrays and objects in JavaScript with shortcut syntax.
  • All modern web browsers support JavaScript with the help of, which you would be able to use this programming language easily with any browser.

Alternatives to JavaScript

Although no other programming language would be able to offer their users the type of features JavaScript offers. But still, there are several alternatives to JavaScript. Let us have a look at some of those alternatives.

  • CoffeeScript– This is the first alternative of JavaScript, and you can also use it with Node.js. Moreover, if you want to work with CoffeeScript, then you must know JavaScript.
  • Dart– The next in the list is Dart, which is produced by Google and offers several features with the help of which you would be able to create high-quality apps easily.
  • TypeScript– This programming language is the next alternative of JavaScript, and Microsoft creates this. Although it is an alternative to JavaScript, it is said that it’s an enhancement to JavaScript.

There are many more alternatives to JavaScript, but the above-listed are some of the most popular ones.


Here we have come to the end of this article in which we have had a look at the benefits of using JavaScript in your project. In addition to which we had an in-depth look at JavaScript and were able to know more about this unique programming language. We also discussed some alternatives of JavaScript, although there is no such programming language that can offer you features such as JavaScript, we talked about those languages which are offering nearby features.

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