20 Jobs That Will Be Soon Replaced by AI

There are several works which are replaced by some newly invented things in this world till now. Such as the written letters are changed into virtual messages sent with the help of our mobiles. There are several changes that we may have noticed in daily transportation and many more such things. In this article, we are going to talk about the jobs that will be soon replaced by Artificial Intelligence or AI.

We will discuss 20 jobs that will be soon replaced by AI. Moreover, we will also point out some jobs which are created with the help of AI and many more such things regarding Artificial Intelligence. So do follow this article till the end to know more about it.

What is AI?

We will head towards the main topic, but before that, let us have a look at what is AI and it’ features. As we know that we human beings have our intelligence with the help of which we work, same is the case with our computer. For providing them a kind of natural intelligence to our computers, Artificial Intelligence was created, with the help of AI our computers can work on their own efficiently.

Features of Artificial Intelligence

  • Your computer systems would be able to work without anyone’s help. We need to add a bit of data with the help of AI, and that’s it.
  • Several newly invented things are being introduced, which are entirely created based on AI.
  • Facial recognition features are added into several devices, and the primary thing that works behind this feature is AI.

There are many more features of AI, but these above-listed are some of the most important ones.

This was all about AI, and its features, let us now have a look at the list of 20 jobs that are going to be replaced soon by AI.

20 jobs that will be soon replaced by AI

We all know how efficient and what kind of potential does AI have, based on which we are such that several jobs will be replaced soon by it.

Here is the list of 20 jobs from that list those jobs are as follows-

1. Telemarketing

We all know what telemarketing is. It is a kind of direct marketing method in which a telemarketer calls someone directly on their phone number. Here this guy explains the services and products with the opposite person.

This job will get replaced soon by AI, with the help of which calls would be automatically done by the computer system.

Hence, there would be no need for a human to operate it once it’s entire setup. H2O, an AI company is providing Telecommunications with AI support.

2. Library book-keeping

In a library, we all must have seen a person who will do all the book-keeping work .That person would have to keep a particular book at it’s registered space properly.

In some cases, they create a bit of mistake too in book-keeping. Moreover, the work progress is also slower with them.

But this job is also going to be replaced by AI, with the help of robots, which are going to work on artificial intelligence.

There are several more extensive libraries, which have already introduced AI and robotics for bookkeeping and other such works. They are doing their work efficiently.

3. Business Managers

In business, we always need a manager. This is because we will have a lot of work that needs to be done or checked by you.

But because of the workload, we sometimes forget our unfinished work. To get rid of those issues, business managers are introduced.

In the coming years, you will notice all the work of business managers being done with the help of AI.

You would be able to get notifications regarding your upcoming and pending work through your mobile phone or any such device.

4. Reception managers

In the receptions of hotels and companies, there used a receptionist who will handle all the work regarding calls, form filling, and other such small work managements.

With the help of computer-generated software which will work entirely on Artificial intelligence, such short management works will be completed with an AI-generated software.

Moreover, we can even notice the addition of robots for such works.

5. Courier delivery systems

Delivery boys are the reasons because of which we can get our couriers to reach up to our home directly without any chaos.

But what if there will be no delivery boys?

Yes, you heard it right, as, in the coming years, you would not be able to see delivery boys working.

Because every such courier delivery system work will be completed with the help of AI.

Several courier delivery companies are thinking and working on the addition of drones and other such devices for delivery works. While the primary working inside those devices will be Artificial Intelligence.

6. Proofreading

Writers create several mistakes in their content because of which the employers need to hire proofreaders to get rid of all such content-related problems. But with the help of AI, there are several applications introduced and will be introduced in the coming years with the help of which there would be no need to hire a proofreader. Hence, those applications would be able to complete the work of a proofreader in a faster and efficient way.

7. Customer support team

Every business or work should have a customer support team, who can provide the quick and right guidance to their users in case of any problem. But why to waste a lot of money in hiring these computer specialists, when you can get the work done efficiently with the help of robots and software working on AI.

Several companies are working without any customer support team and rely entirely on specially created software and robots. Which answers all the needs of their users with the help of AI.

8. Security guard agencies

A lot of people will still think that robotic guards are a futuristic thing, but there are several firms in all over the world who are using robotic guards for security purpose, because of which the job of human security guards have entirely vanished, and those firms who are not using AI-based security robots will start using them soon in coming years.

9. Accounting work

When it’s a discussion about the work of accounting, no one can match the efficiency of a computer system. This is the only reason because of which several accounting software-based of AI are being created and used by several companies all over the world. Moreover, within some years, we would be able to see no human workers in any such place where accounting is being done.

10. Retail shops

No one wants to move out of their house to buy a thing. They want everything easily accessible. If they’re going to buy something, they would be able to get it with the help of online stores.

So retail shops are also one of those things that you would not be able to see in the coming years.

Moreover, every work, such as purchasing and selling, would be done with the help of online stores created with AI.

11. Advertising works

When the advertising work was introduced at that time, several people used to work in this sector. But with a change in time and after the introduction of AI, everything has changed.

Before, people used to deal with advertising salespeople for their product advertisements, but now with the help of AI-based systems. These are easy to use and people can create ads for their products on their own.

Still, some advertising companies are working with salespersons, but in the coming time, you would be able to see no salesperson in this sector.

12. Research analysts

The main work of research analysts is to research the keywords on Google with the help of which their clients can get the best outcomes from their product and service marketing.

But now, with the help of these AI-based systems and software, which are easy to use and you are offered several features with them. You would be able to do the research work on your own efficiently.

13. Factory workers

Almost every high-end factory is introducing AI systems and robots in their factories with the help of which they can get their work efficiently and before time.

Moreover, by replacing factory workers, they are also able to save a lot of their money and time. Although in the case of robot workers, which will work based on their artificial intelligence, another benefit would be that there would be zero error in the work.

14. Taxi drivers

Self-driven cars are one of the most discussed things nowadays, and several car manufacturing companies are working on it.

Moreover, Tesla, which is one of the best car manufacturers, has already created its self-driven cars. Which is again working with the help of an AI system in them.

These self-driven cars will completely vanish the jobs of several drivers, no matter it’s for private use or taxi driving uses.

15. Soldiers

People will think that this is a joke, but it’s not. In a war, the US army has used soldiers made up of robots, which worked well.

Those soldiers were also working because of the AI system in them. Right now, these robot soldiers are being used by the US and the army of other such countries just as weaponized drones and not more than that.

But by enhancement in their AI system, we would be able to use them as a complete soldier who would be able to do all the work of a soldier efficiently.

16. Doctors

In the army, several AI-based systems are being used to examine the health problems in the users. Their system is so efficient and correct that with the help of such systems.

You would never be able to get any wrong details regarding your health.

17. Farmers

Have you ever thought that you would be able to see robot farmers in your life? Several companies in China are working on creating robots that can do all the farming work for them. You would love to hear that these robots will also work based on an AI system.

18. Architecture jobs

We would be able to see robots doing all the architecture regarding work. Here the AI-based system will create different architecture regarding works for its users.

This will replace human architectures. Hence, users would be able to get their work quickly and within time. AI-based architecture software and robots will make this possible.

19. Various workshops

With the help of an AI system, you would be able to get all your workshop related work done within no time.

In future, several car repairing workshops, you will see robots working with the help of AI.

20. Pharmaceutical work

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the top-grossing sectors as compared to any other sector. So for getting the work completed in a faster and easy way, an introduction to AI bases systems and robots is done. With the help of this, we would be able to feel the boost in production and management of this sector.

New jobs created by AI in the future

As above, we have discussed several jobs that are going to be replaced by AI but do you know AI will also create several jobs in the future. Although we will discuss one such job which will be linked with every AI-based job in the future.

That job is an Artificial Intelligence engineer. AI would be used everywhere in this world, then for creating further enhancements in AI systems and technologies. We would need several AI engineers to get the work done.

We have already mentioned above that there are several jobs, which will be created with AI, but AI engineering is that one job that will be linked with every other AI-based job.

Some jobs that cannot be replaced by AI

Till now, we have discussed 20 jobs that will be replaced by AI in the future and also have a look at a newly created job by AI. But do you know that AI will never replace several jobs? Some of those jobs are as follows-

  • Software Developers
  • Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Lawyers
  • Social Workers

There are many more such jobs that will never be replaced by AI, no matter how enhanced the AI system gets.


We know that AI can not replace human capabilities completely. But we can not neglect the fact that computers replaced a lot of jobs in the early years and created a lot of opportunities. Artificial Intelligence(AI) might do the same in the future.

Here we have come to the end of this article in which we have had a look at the potential of AI and discussed 20 jobs that will get replaced by AI soon. Along with that, we have had a look at some new opportunities that will be created with AI. Hence, at last, we talked about some jobs that AI would never be able to replace no matter what.

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