9 Great Apps Built with React Native

In 2015 when Facebook introduced React Native, we had never thought that this framework would be used all over the world for creating cross-platform mobile applications. But developers noticed the potential of React Native and used to build some great mobile apps. Here we discuss some great apps built with React Native.

9 Great Apps Built with React Native

I know that the list is very short but sorting out the top 9 is really difficult because a lot of apps are already built with React Native.

1. Instagram

You all must be knowing that Facebook has bought Instagram now, and this is where all the changes took place, as React native is also a framework that’s introduced by Facebook. Because of which Instagram is built using the React Native framework. However, before Facebook acquired Instagram, this social media application was made with some other framework platform.

2. Facebook Ads Manager

Here’s the second option in the list of top 9 applications written with React Native, but Facebook Ads Manager is the first application that was built using this framework platform.

The reason behind the usage of React native for this application was, it works great with business logic and offers exceptional service under cross-platform applications.

3. Bloomberg

With the help of React Native, this application can offer personalized content to its visitors. Moreover, it is also noticed that with the help of React Native, the code gets refreshed automatically. Hence, we would be able to add new features to the applications easily.

4. Gyroscope

This is a health-related application with the help of which you would be able to track your steps, calories burnt, heart rate, and various such things. Not only that, it offers you great content regarding preventing multiple health issues, losing weight, and many more.

The best thing about React Native is that it helps applications to work and interact with other similar apps. The same is the case with Gyroscope, as it tends to integrate with other applications.

5. Walmart

Everyone knows what Walmart is, and with the help of this application, the users would be able to take advantage of all their offered services online easily.

It is an e-commerce application, with the use of which you can order products directly to your home from Walmart. React native is the reason behind the exceptional performance offered by this application.

6. Skype

Here’s an unknown fact about Skype, and that is when Skype was released for Windows 10 at that time. It was created using the UWP framework, but within some time, it was changed to React native. Hence it proves that no other framework can match the reliability and features support offered by React Native.

7. Airbnb

Airbnb was just a website, and they were mostly focused on enhancing their website only, but when they discovered that people are using Airbnb mobile applications. They are getting noticeable booking from that platform, that is the time when they created their application using React Native.

Several advancements were created in this application using React native.

8. UberEATS

With the use of React native for UberEATS, the developers were able to notice that there are several enhancements in the native functionalities that have been introduced. The good thing was that users were enjoying it.

9. Discovery VR

You all must be knowing that there are several features that we can take advantage of with the help of the Discovery VR application. We can say that React Native is the best match for the framework for this application.

Hence with the help of this framework, the users of this application can take advantage of OS kind of features in it.


Here we have come to the end of this article, in which we discussed how much widely React Native is spread. This is the reason React native is used for creating several mobile apps daily. In this article, we discussed the top 9 applications written with the help of React Native.

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