What Are the Benefits of Using Express.js for Backend Development

The backend is actually the core part of an application. So it needs a lot of care when coding it. A lot of frameworks are there to develop a backend that accepts requests and send responses according to it. But here we discuss Express.js and it’s benefits

A backend server is a place where all the magic happens and because of which you can see your applications work. If the backend is not managed or created correctly, then your whole application will be filled with several complications and errors. In short, that application will not work correctly.

Nowadays, there are several backend development frameworks available. But what if we select one of the best backend server development program? If you also want to know and choose that best backend development program, then do follow this article to the end. As in this article, we are going to discuss Express.js one of the best backend development frameworks and it’s benefits.

The first and most important reason for which you should choose the best backend development program only because it will works faster than others. Moreover, with the help of the best program, you will get the best and number of features.

If you want to take everything professionally, then choosing the best is a must-have option for you. As when you take things professionally at that time, you have to think and work like that also.

What is Express.js?

Express.Js is one of the best backend development JavaScript Framework. The primary usage of it is creating Restful API’s what accept request from frontend and send the appropriate response.

Actually Express.js is a JavaScript library and with the help of it, we can build a backend. First, start an NPM project, install Express package, create models, routes, etc. A simple backend server is ready.

Why Express.js

A lot of alternatives are there like Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc. But why you should choose Express.js?

  • You only need to learn one language for both frontend and backend development, Which is JavaScript. To develop a web frontend, You need HTML, CSS, and JS. So, JavaScript is necessary and the same language is used to code backend if it’s Express.js.
  • The support of Node.js is one of the best reasons because of which you should choose Express.js. So that you can develop an Express.js backend with the support of all the NPM packages that make the process easier.
  • You would be able to debug your application faster than ever with the help of the debugging mechanism it offers to its users. This helps to find error points easily without taking much time.

Who is using Express.js

Do you know there are several products, which uses Express.Js for their backend development purpose? Some of those are as follows-

  1. IBM
  2. PayPal
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Walmart
  5. Storylens
  6. Flickr

There are many more such products using Express.Js for their development purpose.

Benefits of using Express.js for backend development-

Although until now, I must have discussed several benefits of using Express.JS. But in the list below, we are going to discuss some of the top 10 benefits of using Express.JS for backend development.

1. Scale our application quickly

The first benefit of using Express.JS for backend development is that you would be able to scale your application quickly. As you know that there is a support of Node.JS, so with the help of addition in nodes and adding extra resources to it, you can quickly scale your application in any manner.

2. JavaScript is simple to learn

As mentioned above that JavaScript is very famous plus easy to learn a language. You would be able to use it for the development purpose on Express.JS.

3. We can use same language to code Frontend

Another benefit of using Express.JS is that you would be able to do the code of both frontend and backend with the help of using JavaScript. Although there are several such platforms, they offer different language support for frontend and backend, which makes it quite challenging to work with. But you will never face any such problem with Express.JS.

4. Less developer cost to maintain the app

Not everybody knows that Express.JS is a full-stack JavaScript because of which you would not have to hire different developers for managing the frontend and backend of a web application.

5. Supported by Google v8 engine

Express.JS is supported with the Google V8 engine with the help of which you would be able to get higher performance without any lag or error in the processing.

6. Community support

If you ever face any problem while working with Express.JS, at that time, you can easily take help from the highly supportive community that it has.

7. Supports Caching

Express.js supports the caching feature, and the advantage of the catch is that you would not have to re-execute the codes again and again. Moreover, it will help web pages to load faster than ever.

Pros & Cons of Express.js

Here we are going to discuss the Pros and Cons of Express.js.


  1. The first and most important advantage of using Express.JS is that you would be able to get fast application development experience with it.
  2. Several such platforms are unable to handle a higher level of requests, but with the help of Express.JS, you would be able to handle requests efficiently as it offers you the support of I/Q request handling.
  3. Express.JS has a vast, highly supportive open-source community.
  4. You would be able to integrate several third-party applications and services with Express.JS.


  1. Several client request problems are faced with the middleware system offered with Express.js.
  2. There are several issues in the callbacks.

Sources to learn Express.js

We can learn Express.js easily. If we already have basic knowledge in JavaScript, it gets easier. Otherwise, we first want to learn some basic JavaScript. The below URLs will help you with this.

JavaScript Tutorial

After learning some basic JavaScript, we can create a simple REST API using Express.js. Refer to the below guide for more.

How to Build a Simple REST API with Node/Express


So, we have discussed a lot about Express.js other than benefits of choosing Express.js including its features, pros, & cons and some sources to learn Express.js.

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