The Complete Guide to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Whenever a new thing is introduced, one of these two things happens, and those are either it becomes a significant part of our life. We start using it regularly, while the second thing is that after some time of use, we all forget it. In this article, we are going to discuss one such thing, which has become a significant part of our lives, and that is AI, which is wholly known as Artificial Intelligence.

In this article, we are going to discuss several things related to Artificial Intelligence. So to know about all of those things, do follow this article till the end.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Although there are several definitions of Artificial Intelligence, I have got the perfect and most appropriate one for you guys. That is, Artificial Intelligence is the study of computer science in which the computer itself can develop its Intelligence, which makes your computer to think and work like humans.

There are several places where AI is widely used, some of those places are as follows-

  • You may have noticed the voice recognition feature that is now seen almost everywhere. No matter it’s your mobile phones or the smart hubs in your home. This is a crucial product; this has been introduced just because of AI.
  • There are several applications and software, which helps in learning and planning. Such as time table creator and many more, all these applications are created just because of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Several robots are being created, which uses AI for their work and all other purposes.

This was all about an in-depth look at what is Artificial Intelligence. Let us now have a look at the history of AI.

Who created Artificial Intelligence?

We will have a look at a brief history of AI, but before that, let us know who created Artificial Intelligence? So the name of the inventor of AI is John McCarthy, he is also known as the father of AI. He was able to do so while working on The Logic Theorist, which was designed by Newell and Simon.

A brief history of Artificial Intelligence

As you all know that everything starts from the first step and a ray of hope. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence was also possible because of these reasons, in 1956, a group of highly intellectual experts thought of creating a summer research project. In which there were several points that they thought to be discussed.

This summer research project was the one thing that leads to the creation of AI. The experts behind the proposal of this research project were John McCarthy(presently known as Father of AI), Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester, and Claude Shannon.

Some of the things that were discussed in this project were as follows-

  • How can a computer be programmed to use a language?
  • Self-improvement
  • Automatic Computers
  • Neuron Nets

Types of Artificial Intelligence

A lot of people may not have thought that AI also has different types. Basically, AI is divided into three subfields. Let us have a look at those three subfields of AI.

  • Machine Learning- This subfield of AI is the one with the help of which the study of algorithms in machines is done. In this, the part machine will start learning several things that can be used for future purposes, and hence, machines would be able to take steps on their own.
  • Deep Learning- Here comes another subfield of AI, and in this case, the machine would be able to learn several things in layers. Basically, deep learning uses a neural network in which all the studies of stacked layers are done.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Here comes AI, and we can say that this part is created by combining both Machine learning and Deep learning subfields.

Features of Artificial Intelligence

We all must have heard that AI is wide-spread, and it is being used in several things. But do you know what the features of AI are? If no, then do follow the list below, as in this part, we are going to discuss all the features of Artificial Intelligence.

1. Facial Recognition

This feature of AI has become the most important and used part. You might have noticed that almost every smartphone is coming with the feature of Facial Recognition; this has only become possible with the help of AI.

In this part of AI, while recognizing the face, two pictures of a face are looked at. If the pictures look the same, then your Facial Recognition is passed, and hence, you would be able to access the data.

2. Chatbots

You might have noticed that when you visit a website where there’s an option of online chatting. What do you think that a person behind you is going to chat with you? If you feel like this, then you are entirely wrong, as all the chatting that takes place is with the help of chatbots, which are created with the help of AI.

The working behind a chatbot is as follows; there are several already created questions with their answer in the data of these chatbots. So whenever you ask a question with the help of AI, the chatbot picks up the most nearby already filled question with its answer from its data.

Hence you can have a look at the answer to your question. This is also a reason that you are unable to get the most appropriate answer, and you get a nearby answer.

3. Deep Learning

Several machines are using this feature, and with the help of this feature of AI, they can learn several things. the working of deep learning is that it creates a stack of data and AI learn from it in layers, this is the only reason machines can learn more from their steps and workings.

4. Artificial Neural Networks

This is a kind of strong network of systems with the help of which our computers and machines would be able to do several works outside their normal or regular working range. This thing is possible just because of Artificial Intelligence.

5. Quantum Computing

As you, all may know that quantum computing is a study and development of computer technology, which works on the principles of quantum theory. In this case, AI helps the machines to learn the principles and work based on those principles.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Let us now have a look at the top 10 benefits of Artificial Intelligence-

  1. AI is helping several workers in their daily works. Such as with the help of AI machines can learn new processes, so in this was it is helping several labors. Hence, with the help of AI, machines are providing high-quality and fast work.
  1. When labors were being used in any factory or production unit, we may have noticed that not much production of products was able to take place, but with the help of AI, machines are working in place of labors and hence producing more than labors within a short time.
  1. Not only machine learning and working, but AI also has its roots in the medical field and its application. Several new technologies have been introduced, which uses AI for detecting health problems in humans.
  1. Artificial Intelligence is helping people in their day t day life also. Some of the ways are with the help of several applications, which work on AI. Such as face recognition, voice command, and many more.
  1. Several jobs are being created with the help of AI. As Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost every sector, so new jobs regarding it are being created
  1. AI helps in enhancing the productivity of several machines, which are being used based on artificial Intelligence.
  1. Artificial Intelligence assists with several things such as facial recognition, applications based on time table creation, and many more such applications.
  1. Several PC games are being created in which AI offers a unique and vital role. Not only PC games, but smartphone devices are also able to see several such games.
  1. Space exploration products are using AI for a wider view and gaining more knowledge about those things. Artificial Intelligence helps in fetching more and more data regarding such projects.
  1. AI is being used for the moderation of several online communities. With the help and support of AI, these online communities can enhance their growth, and they can provide better services to their consumers and users.

Some unknown facts about Artificial Intelligence

People think that they know everything about AI, but they are wrong, as there are several unknown facts about AI about which people are not aware of. Some of those facts are as follows-

  • As Artificial Intelligence in introduced some years before, people think that the work on it was also started some years ago only. But very fewer people know that work on AI is being done from the 1950s.
  • Several video games that we play nowadays are using AI system support, which is also called the Expert System. There are several games in which you can notice the player can think about the next steps automatically, and this is possible because of AI only.
  • Automatic cars are coming, and Artificial Intelligence is the thing that’s working behind it. The self-driven car’s system is also going to work on AI.
  • There’s a computer, which is wholly based on AI. It is said to be a supercomputer and names, Watson. This supercomputer is going to be used for a number of things and researches, in which we would be able to know more about Artificial Intelligence and it’s used.
  • Robotics has gone several steps further with the help of Artificial Intelligence only.
  • Several government authorities are working on a project that will help them to recognize a person, which it’s face and voice, and guess what the main thing is working behind it? It’s Artificial Intelligence.
  • Several customer service jobs are being done with the help of AI only.

Where is AI used?

There are several places where Artificial Intelligence is being used, some of those places are as follows-

  • Nowadays, the customer support team has been replaced by AI. No humans are working in this stream; all computer technologies that work on Artificial Intelligence.
  • A lot of people do online shopping, but have you ever thought that there is something under online shopping that AI is controlling? Basically, AI collects all the data regarding your online shopping. After that, it uses that data to show ads and all specially personalized for you.
  • AI is controlling healthcare technologies. In this process, AI collects data and based on facts, it can show up some astonishing results to the users.
  • Several financial industries are using AI for enhanced working methods. In this case, AI helps them in creating several regular lists and tables, and with the help of AI, they can get all such data within a lesser time.
  • Features of smart cars and drones are introduced just based on Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, those self-driven cars are also going to work on AI.
  • With the help of AI, you can get better maps results, and it helps you a lot in the navigation sector. Moreover, it also helps you in getting a better 3D view of all the places that you search for in the maps and navigation sector.
  • By having a look at your search and interests with the help of Social Media and AI, you can get the best possible results under your interest and liking sector. You might have noticed that sometimes you search something on Google, and the next second, you start getting ads on your social media accounts. This is possible because of AI.


Here we have come to the end of this article in which we have discussed several things about Artificial Intelligence. Although AI is a highly searched topic, about which a lot of people know almost everything, but in this article, we have gone beyond limitations and provided you the best possible data regarding Artificial Intelligence.

We also discussed several uses and benefits of AI and some unknown facts about it, which we are sure that a lot of people might not be knowing.

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