How to Find What Technology a Website is Built With

Sometimes we developers are curious to know which technologies are used in building a website showing in our browser tab. A website we are seeing on our browser may use a lot of stuff such as web programming languages, frameworks, CDNs, widgets, CMS, fonts, Analytics, Servers etc. A perfect combination of these technologies will deliver a perfect website. So we need to study a lot of websites and what are the technologies used by them to make something new.

Today there are a lot of tools to find the technologies used in building a website by just putting the URL of the website. The most popular tools in this category are,

  1. BuiltWith
  2. Netcraft
  4. WhatRuns

I am going to explain the usage of BuiltWith only because in general, all the tools above contain the same functions.


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As the caption on the homepage says, you can find out what websites are built using BuiltWith. It covers 27,712+ internet technologies which include analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS and many more. There is an input field in the homepage and you can enter or paste a web address or URL(eg:- there and clicking the Lookup button will load the all stuff to build that website. If you are curious to know about a technology (eg:- Laravel), you can also search for it in the same input field. BuiltWith offers you many more other features with a monthly or yearly subscription option.

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Now the most beneficiary part of this tool is that it contains a Chrome extension also. You can install it by clicking the Add to Chrome link in the BuiltWith website. Installing this extension will allow you to easily find the technologies of a website that is opened in the Chrome browser by tapping the BuiltWith icon (bw) on the top right of the chrome browser.

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Usage of BuiltWith Chrome Extension



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BuiltWith Information on

Beyond the technologies in building a website, BuiltWith can also give you information on Details of the technologies, Metadata on the website, Relationship history of the website, Redirecting links inside the website etc.

The other tools I have mentioned on the top also have its importance. It’s better to check those also.

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